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Re: Marine starter tank

Subject: Re: Marine starter tank
by barryjarvis on 13/2/2014 14:54:30

I'm also new to marine and have just purchases a new setup (like you i'm jumping in at the deep end).

I went for a Fluval Roma 200.

I didn't get it from seapets, i got it from my local shop. They also modified it and built me a sump system for it.

The tank is a more reasonable price, but don't forget everything that goes with a marine setup.
For example, on top of the ?500 for tank/sump i've just ordered ?210 of live rock & sand. Then another ?100 for a skimmer. Then another ?100-ish (if not more) for testing kits, refractometer, powerheads, and other accessories.

That's all before i've even looked at a fish!
It soon mounts up so choose wisely :)