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Re: New Tank Setup - Fish Dying

Subject: Re: New Tank Setup - Fish Dying
by Saj on 13/11/2013 20:08:28

Thank you very much for all the advice, all of which I will be taking on board.

Thanks Goldy for the guide, I went through that at my lunch time at work !

Thanks CB3100, I will certainly avoid P@H and indeed I do have other local shops, one is in the same town as I work, but I was rather put off by the hundreds of goldfish they had in a small cramped tank.

The tank is currently in my two son's bedroom where the room is kept heated with a radiator during the day and night for them, so I am not too worried about the temp, they are indeed temperate species rather than tropical (well thats what P@H sell them as) but I am defo going to invest in a heater for them.

I will certainly look at eBay at local sellers with tanks. I have invested too much into this to give up easily !

I have now done a 50% water change, cleaned out all the gravel, got rid of the old supplied filter with the new one in and removed all the artificial plants with just some ornaments, see image below:

Resized Image

I have tested the water just now with the following results:

pH 7.6
Amonia 0.5
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 0

So Amonia has gone up slightly.

I will check with the water each day and report back

Its nice to be on a forum with such friendly responses!