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Re: New Tank Setup - Fish Dying

Subject: Re: New Tank Setup - Fish Dying
by Coralline on 13/11/2013 12:57:51

Room temp in centrally heated house should provide warm enough water for rosy barbs and the zebra danios.. A they are temperate species rather than tropical.. But including a heater set to approx 18*c is a good idea to prevent tank temps dropping overnight or if heating is not on. Although heater should be correct wattage to keep tank at correct temp without being pushed to its limit if the room temp is more than 5 degrees below the required tank temp.
But ultimately 24l is not big enough for either species long term, so a heater should be included anyway to allow small tropical species suitable for the tank size, eg a small shrimp colony, or a single male fighting fish.
I would also highly recommend ditching the plastic plants in favour of some simple live plants, you will need a light to grow plants properly but elodea will grow a little if the room is well lit for now.