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Re: New Tank Setup - Fish Dying

Subject: Re: New Tank Setup - Fish Dying
by Saj on 13/11/2013 11:07:02

Hi Coralline,

Thanks for the quick response and help!

Yes it seems I have fallen into the Pets at Home trap with all the reviews on them on the internet.

As much as I want to kick up a fuss with them, I have decided against this.

I have come up with the following action plan for today.

Move the fish into a temporary tank with about 50% of the existing water.

Remove half of the gravel completely from the 24litre tank, and syphon the rest ensuring its clean with no left over food traces.

Remove some artificial plants leaving some of ornauments which act as hiding places.

Put in fresh 50% water in and then transfer the fish back.

The 50% water I put in, should I make this safe prior or straight in with the existing 50% and then include the tap safe product?

I also got some filter boost, am I to put the appropriate ammount of this in aswell?

In regards to the filter, because of funds I cannot upgrade to a better system, at what point shall I remove the old filter and leave the new one running, when I placed the new in the tank on Monday?

Sorry lots of questions !

P.S. I am determined to get this right as I have been quite keen on fish quite a while!