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Re: Mixed species tanks?

Subject: Re: Mixed species tanks?
by Fishlady on 3/11/2013 13:09:31

Tiger Barbs and Angelfish? Neon Tetras and White Cloud Minnows? Please, don't take this the wrong way, but just because things can be done or have been done doesn't mean they necessarily should be done. I'm also well aware that fish that live together in the wild won't necessarily do so in a tank, thank you.

Can I reiterate that main aim of FK is to promote the welfare of fish. There are a lot of interesting facts that don't necessarily constitute the best advice to give to new fishkeepers in distress. They can be interesting to discuss, but please NOT in threads asking for help with specific issues.

When someone is here asking for help with a specific situation and possibly very distressed we need to give quite generalised advice that will actually help them and stay on topic.

Discussions in these other areas can be interesting and sometimes useful but help and advice threads are not the place to do so.

We (as in the mods) would appreciate it if those wanting to discuss matters such as this would start separate threads for that specific purpose in the Members' Lounge and leave the help threads on topic so the posters concerned and casual passers by with the same problems can get general, helpful advice pertinent to the situation at hand.

I know this IS a separate thread, but this stuff has been spilling over into the advice threads a lot lately and is not helpful.