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Re: Mixed species tanks?

Subject: Re: Mixed species tanks?
by Fishlady on 3/11/2013 11:50:07


Asumel wrote:

They found that Angelfish had a positive effect on the smaller species in terms of intra specific interactions, increasing natural shoaling behaviour and reduced aggressive behaviour.

Did they consider that the shoaling is a response to the threat of aggression from the Angelfish and that increased shoaling activity was actually a sign of stress in the smaller fish?

I see they used neon tetras, tiger barbs, angelfish and mountain minnows but failed miserably to understand that they have put fish together who would never be found in nature in the same waters, or who are known to prefer very different conditions from each other, or who are known to show aggression to each other. Science is very good at setting out to prove a theory at the expense of all the connected areas that need to be considered in real life.

Very often what is scientifically possible in a short-term single subject study bears no relationship to long term welfare or to real life practice.