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Mixed species tanks?

Subject: Mixed species tanks?
by Asumel on 1/11/2013 22:34:34

Single species tanks? or several species in a tank?
ever thought about what this might do to the fish?
A study in 2011 by Sloman et al looked at the effects of Angelfish on the behaviour on many small tropical species commonly found in tanks together. They looked at both inter and intra specific interactions.
They found that Angelfish had a positive effect on the smaller species in terms of intra specific interactions, increasing natural shoaling behaviour and reduced aggressive behaviour. while increasing numbers of smaller species increases the natural shoaling behaviour.
The study also showed the problems with predicting behaviour when tank ornaments and plants are introduced as enrichment.
they concluded that scientifically concluding guidelines on assemblages and stocking densities for the home aquaria is challenging. however it was shown that natural calming was achieved with higher tank densities, when shoaling behaviours were allowed to form.
Sloman, Katherine A. ; Baldwin, Louise ; McMahon, Stanley ; Snellgrove, Donna. The effects of mixed-species assemblage on the behaviour and welfare of fish held in home aquariaApplied Animal Behaviour Science, 2011, Vol.135(1), pp.160-168