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Re: Sudden nitrite spike, please help urgently!

Subject: Re: Sudden nitrite spike, please help urgently!
by Violet on 7/10/2013 19:47:01

The clean may have just tipped the delicate balance - something as simple as that. Or even just a growth spurt in the fish meaning more waste.

Together with the internal the Eheim 200 (only used as an example) is doing just fine for my set up for now. With goldy tanks the aim is to run at least double the filtration that a trop tank would usually run at.

It fits nicely into the base unit too. Some keepers go bigger, excessive flow with bigger externals can be mitigated by use of a spray bar (I use one of those too though).

Fishlady and Suey run a number of external filters - other brands - on their tanks, I'm sure they would be happy to give you their comments feedback on how these other brands fair. I have no experience other than Eheim I'm afraid.