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Re: Sudden nitrite spike, please help urgently!

Subject: Re: Sudden nitrite spike, please help urgently!
by Violet on 7/10/2013 19:25:05

Hey, don't you worry, happens to us all occasionally. Blips and the like.


1. Over clean of the Juwel internal filter?
2. Juwel filter not good enough now to deal with the poop of two fast growing fish (Juwel filters not really aimed at these messy fish)?
3. Do you run a good external in tandem? If not do consider adding one. I use the Eheim 200 in addition to the internal for my two fatties.

Externals are generally considered a 'must have' item with these fish.

If you don't have Prime already, invest. It's fab stuff, last for absolute ages given the tiny amount you need and fantastic for blip anomalies like this