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Proprogating corals

Subject: Proprogating corals
by TheDragonLord on 30/1/2006 19:12:36

ok a little bit of info,

coral reefs are one of the worlds most amazing and diverse ecosystems, unfortunately more than two thirds of the worlds reefs will be exhausted of corals within the next two generations if we continue to harvest them as we do at the moment.

So, what can we do?.. ...quite a lot actually!... ...we are the one's being sold these corals which are being removed from the reefs!If we stop buying so many wild corals and start farming the one's we already have then we can indeed make a huge difference.

Trading in these propagated corals also ensures that the corals themselves become stronger... ...over time corals become more acclimated to the aquarium making them more robust and easier to maintain than the original wild colonies... ...over time this means these corals will ship better too.

Captive coral propagation is the only sustainable future for reef keeping as a hobby!

Whatever coral you are after, it is likely to already be in another reefers tank, so why not buy/trade corals with other reefers?... ...coral propagation is not hard to do... ...anyone can do it and if we are to see future generations enjoying these corals as we do, then we must start farming them now!

So are any of you people starting reefs going to start proprogating your corals when they start growing nicely so you can trade them for other species or sell them for a decent price (unlike the LFS prices)

here is a link to ultimate reefs on proprogating one of the easier and more common corals (the leather toadstool)
i'll try to get permission to copy some pictorial guides from people i "know" who have done them