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Re: Tank cycle - Ammonia not dropping

Subject: Re: Tank cycle - Ammonia not dropping
by MissJade on 29/9/2013 0:00:08

The water in your area is hard.

To help set your domestic appliances, the water hardness in different units is:
265 mg/l :Calcium Carbonate
106 mg/l :Calcium
18.444 ?C :Degrees Clark
26.5 ?F :Degrees French
15.052 ?dH :Degrees German
2.65 mmol/l :Millimoles

This is what comes up on Anglian water page.

I have had 'white fluff' appear in the last few days on the gravel, and on some ornaments and on my air tubing. Also, it looks like some algae is forming on the glass. Should I leave the lights off?