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Re: how to prepare for winter 1000 lt pond

Subject: Re: how to prepare for winter 1000 lt pond
by 2010 on 17/9/2013 22:30:05


waterwoman wrote:
when I bought the pond I was told it was big enough for koi

Not that you were going to keep koi, but just as a matter of fact, koi ponds should be at least 5 feet deep (not 2)so who ever told you yours is suitable is very wrong.

Koi need to be able to swim up and down to keep their shape, as well as swim from side to side.


I would never tell anyone to turn the pond filter pump off. Take the UV out, yes, but if you turn the bio filter pump off the water in the filter will turn stagnant, and any good bacteria will die. By leaving the pump running you keep the filter "ticking over"