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Re: how to prepare for winter 1000 lt pond

Subject: Re: how to prepare for winter 1000 lt pond
by Waterbug on 17/9/2013 19:44:40

Small point...

Water Lettuce, Water Hyacinth and Water lilies would not be oxygenators for the pond. When the sun is out they would release O2 into the air. Their roots would consume some O2 in the water (not a lot, not worth being concerned about).

Healthy underwater plants, like algae, do oxygenate the water when the sun is out. But at night they consume O2 and produce CO2. Plus any decaying plant matter would consume O2 and produce CO2 day or night. So even though some plants are called oxygenators they're not really a benefit, O2 wise, since if there was an O2 problem the fish couldn't make it thru a night of really low O2.