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Re: Anyone know about Neritina snails?

Subject: Re: Anyone know about Neritina snails?
by FishyMcFish on 17/9/2013 0:55:23

That's exactly what I'm going for, the 15l style of tank; the cheap-as-chips type with a yellow lid you get from Pets at Home and other places. I tried a sponge filter when trying to breed before but found it didn't turn the water over anywhere near enough and after a couple of days everything in the tank got covered in slime and it really wasn't nice at all so for the price of 50 RHS, I got a 200lph internal filter from All Pond Solutions; with any luck it should pay for itself in a couple of months and I can put a bit of foam in from my external on the main tank.

Water-wise, I live in London so the water's like granite