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Anyone know about Neritina snails?

Subject: Anyone know about Neritina snails?
by FishyMcFish on 16/9/2013 23:56:13

I was looking through eBay for some scabby-looking ramshorn snails to feed my assassins and whilst I was browsing saw these snails called neritina snails:

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Neritina-Sp ... h-Tank-TO019/281130541697

I've never heard of or seen them before but I think they look rather nice and I'd like to get some to decorate my tank. Only thing is, will they be a nice decoration or will they end up being a tasty treat for my assassins?

I don't know how big they'll get though I've messaged the seller but I've decided to save money on ramshorns and decided to breed them; I've got the internal filter and ramshorns coming through the post tomorrow and I was thinking if these neritinas grow to be an inch-or-so big then I could pop them in with the others until they're bigger.

So, I'm going to have a google but wondered if anyone here has any experience of them. I do think they look rather nice.