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Re: Fish problems, need help for inexperienced keeper!!

Subject: Re: Fish problems, need help for inexperienced keeper!!
by Waterbug on 16/9/2013 23:16:59

violet reminded me of something...one of the reasons I came to this forum.

I'm a pond dude for many years, never had an aquarium. I'd bet 75% of the good info I've learn over the years has been from reading aquarium forums and sites. Water Garden keepers aren't too much into testing, data, so myths pretty much rule. Koi keepers are a lot more serious, but I've never found any info that's as good as from aquarists, by far. And it's almost all relatable back to ponds.

For treating pond fish we transfer sick fish to a hospital tank, which is nothing more than an aquarium. From there treatment is exactly the same as how an aquarist would treat the same fish.

The only reason I didn't suggest transferring to a hospital tank is you probably don't have one and a 200 gal pond is about the size of a Koi hospital tank so I wouldn't see a reason for a separate tank. Just look at your pond as an aquarium.

If you search aquarium sites and focus on Goldfish (maybe any cold water fish?), and any help violet and others here can provide, you could do no better imo.