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Re: Fish problems, need help for inexperienced keeper!!

Subject: Re: Fish problems, need help for inexperienced keeper!!
by 2010 on 15/9/2013 22:35:45

I don't want to appear to be rude, but the pictures you have posted are of no use as they are far too small.



Gateways wrote:
I was told that for a pond of this size, as long as it has adequate planting then it should not require any other filtering. Is this not correct?

As I said, some folk say you can balance a pond by its plants all the time.

If that were true then people would not use bio filters. So yes, it is NOT correct.



Gateways wrote:
Also, we inherited the pond from the previous home owners so guess they were under the same impression.

I guess they were, or perhaps they did not / know or care, we will never know.

If it helps there are a lot of myths about fish, tanks, ponds and fountains.

A few of my favourite examples:

Most people also think that if a goldfish lives 3 years it is old.

Most think a fish will only grow to the size of the tank.

Ponds with fish don't need filtration