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Re: Mirror Carp always on surface

Subject: Re: Mirror Carp always on surface
by Waterbug on 19/9/2013 17:56:46

Unfortunately buoyancy problems can be many things. Can even be something silly like they ate a piece of styrofoam that was small enough to swallow, but too big to pass. Very unlikely, but just can be lots of things.

The fish doesn't bob to one side or the other? To me, and this is purely opinion not science, a fish with gas in the gut will be on its side sometimes, have trouble keeping upright, because the gut is in their underside. Also, because this has lasted so long I wouldn't be thinking gas, virus, bacteria...doesn't mean it couldn't still be these things...just guessing.

Feeding peas was a good idea. It's safe and can work for some causes. Always worth trying.

Loved that finnipper suggested not using salt and you took that advice. In so many pond forums salt gets thrown at everything.

Sinking vs floating food wouldn't matter. Both foods would be equal. It's the breakdown that causes the gas, if any. Or blockages. However, you could give the fish more vegetation. Only a very small chance it could help, but at the very least the fish would probably enjoy it.

I don't have any cures to suggest. Feeding peas is about all we have short of taking the fish to a Vet for xrays. But even with an autopsy these buoyancy problems often remain a mystery. I've cut open more than a few fish that had problems like these for a long period and always think I'm going to find something obvious but haven't yet. I usually just say "it's genetic" which is my way of giving up and just let the fish live out its life.

The sun burn is the main unfortunate problem at this point. Adding shade is the only help I can suggest for that.