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Re: Mirror Carp always on surface

Subject: Re: Mirror Carp always on surface
by finnipper on 6/8/2013 11:08:43

Buoyancy problems have two main causes, the most common is a digestive problem where gas becomes trapped in the fish's gut, it's quite common among fancy goldfish but less common with other fish although it does still occur. With 'normal' fish the problem normally clears with in a few hours. The fact that the fish is still feeding well also suggests that there is no blockage or discomfort there. And catching the fish to treat it in a separate container may cause to much stress for a large 13 year old fish but this could be tried as a last resort if the situation continues unchanged for a long time. Epsom salt added at the rate of one level teaspoon per four gall of water, this will act as a laxative and it may help.

The other cause is a swim bladder problem due to a malformation, infection or trauma all of which seem unlikely in your case. There actually isn't rally a great deal that can be done to help, there are no meds or potions which are likely to help so it is probably just a case of wait and see. In the mean time you can help by making sure that the fish does keep going below the surface so that its dorsal region doesn't dry to much and become sore, and if possible offer some shade because fish can become sun burnt believe it or not.

Incidentally it is always worth checking the water when anything untoward occurs just to rule out a few things.