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Re: Back again

Subject: Re: Back again
by suey2 on 8/6/2013 10:57:36

She's probably grown a bit but because you see her all the time it's not so obvious, if you know what I mean One of the babies from Howie and Rocket's moment of passion last year is still the size of the really tiny babies you get in the shops while her siblings are getting HUGE! Fuzzybutt (the little one!) looks like she has trouble with her mouth but she's still so tiny I can't really make it out. Or else maybe I've genuinely bred the world's first dwarf goldfish While some fancies are always going to be monsters some won't be as big, just like with all things really, if the parents weren't that big then maybe she's just not destined to be a chunkier

What do you feed them out of interest?