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Re: Back again

Subject: Re: Back again
by suey2 on 3/6/2013 22:44:22

Nice to see you again TL Good to hear your aquatic situation is going well, sounds like it is anyway Sorry to hear you've had health problems but sounds like you're carrying on 'Linzing' regardless

Stunted fish don't always grow as well as ones that have always been in good conditions, sometimes they do, and they do have the capacity to keep on growing when conditions allow, but sometimes they don't pick up. Brigitte (on here) has one little oranda who is TINY but her much younger black moor companion is getting huge. The oranda doesn't seem to be catching up despite the vastly improved conditions, although he is a lot better than he was As long as Mrs BM is lively and alert and doing her fishy thing I wouldn't worry