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Back again

Subject: Back again
by TetraLinz on 2/6/2013 18:58:08

Hello all. Look who's back.

It's been nearly a year since I was last online, but a lot's happened in that time. Have fought hard with a serious eczema outbreak, taken driving lessons, passed my test, and of course, as always, working hard (especially now that I have a car).

Anyway. Last time I logged in, it was really as an appeal for someone with a pond and space for 3 common goldies. In time, I managed to find a pond more locally with a work colleague, and now they're doing well, leaving their blackmoor tankmate on his/her own with his future hanging in the balance, and I was seriously thinking about getting another 40gal tank, and moving him/her over then getting another fancy friend . . .

The BM turned out to be a female and I never did get round to getting another 40gal tank - just didn't have the money.

Luckily, I didn't need to. With only 4 tropical fish left in the 40gal, I swapped the tanks around, so that the BM was in my original 40gal, and my tropical fish are now in the 20gal.

The BM hasn't really grown since I got her :-s but I don't know how old she is.

The fantail was added last week.

(The heater's the original 200w that I used for the tropical fish 0 it's been unplugged now but I just haven't got round to removing it, as this tank's at my dad's )

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