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Re: Are Angel fish prone to digestive problems?

Subject: Re: Are Angel fish prone to digestive problems?
by ALLYMACD on 10/5/2013 19:33:19

Thanks for the advice! They've all been in the tank for a while now without any fighting or problems except for the angel dying. Had the four neons since I got this tank about a year and a half ago. It was Pets At Home who adivised me to get a shoal of four at the time as I was just starting out with tropical fish then but to be fair they are happy enough. The angel was actually the boss of the tank before he died and would chase the platy & betta away at feeding time, the betta is very peaceful and doesn't bother any of the other fish at all.
I've purchased a 180 litre tank which I plan on using as a community tank when I get it set up so I'll wait until then before I consider another angel.