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Re: Are Angel fish prone to digestive problems?

Subject: Re: Are Angel fish prone to digestive problems?
by nathangoudie on 10/5/2013 19:19:50

Not sure what exactly killed your angels but I think it's stress that weaken and expose them to illness -> death is the result.

First thing is angels are peaceful but betta is not. Betta will be extremely aggressive to angels and they're good fighters so angels will be harrased.

70l is way to small for angels, again this is not enough swimming/hiding space for them which cause them to stress.

Now with your stock, platy and mollies are hard water fish while betta and neons are soft water fish. It's best to choose only soft or hard water fish and rehome the others.

Betta might get fin-nipped by neons and that will stress him/her. Also getting fin-nipped will expose the fish to bacteria infection/fungus.

Neon are shoal fish and must be kept in group of at least 6 individual. The more the better.

It seems like you'll have to work on your stock again