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Re: Are Angel fish prone to digestive problems?

Subject: Re: Are Angel fish prone to digestive problems?
by Violet on 10/5/2013 18:54:39

A previous adviser here had them/rescued them and bred them too. His observations were as follows. May be helpful perhaps?

Ph and Angels works out thus. Below ph 6 they start to get metabolic issue and die young, often making no more than four years, at 6.5 they make full and often long longevity, are better insulated from potential ammonia and nitrite spikes and typically grow very well. SAME FOR ABOUT PH 6.8, BUT THEY BREED A LITTLE BETTER AT 6.8 AND THE FRY SURVIVAL IS BETTER, SO FOR ME, 6.8 IS THE DEAD ON PEAK AND OPTIMUM RANGE FOR ANGELFISH together with temps smack on 79f, a little tannin or blackwater extract in the water, and good oxygenation with gentle flow. It?s the best compromise that allows for fry survival and long term keeping making looking after them effortless.

At ph 7 they often do ok, making 6 years ish, but often the max growth potential is affected, they are also a little more susceptible to pop eye and water peram shocks at time of water changes.

At 7.5 things start to go pear shaped with immuno loss, even though they may breed though fry survival rates are very poor, and some dwarfing even in larger tank volumes. They make an average of 3 years; I have reversed damage done to angels kept at these higher ranges as long as the fish got to me before it was 6 months old. Longevity is around 3 year?s average.