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Re: Eheim 2213

Subject: Re: Eheim 2213
by Fishlady on 19/4/2013 17:21:45

Firs time priming, have everything connected ready to go and all taps in the "on" position, but power turned off.

Take the return pipe hose and suck for all you're worth, You will hear the canister start to fill with water. Wait a minute or so for it to fill up (you'll see water coming up the return pipe) and then switch on.

When doing maintenance follow these steps.
1) Turn off power
2) Close return taps
3) close Inlet taps
4) Disconnect both sets of taps at the points where the double taps on each hose connect together. This will leave the hoses closed and full of water.
5) Remove pump head and take media out, clean media in tank water.
6) Empty any remaining water from the canister and replace media.
7) Replace pump head (after cleaning impeller)
8) Reconnect both sets of taps
9) Open taps in this order: Inlet to canister first, outlet second
10) Wait for canister to fill and for water to emerge into outlet hose the turn on power.