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Re: In praise of ..... Easycarbo

Subject: Re: In praise of ..... Easycarbo
by mervyn on 16/3/2013 16:06:24

Hi Cathie,
Yes it is very similar. I had about 3 different kinds of algae to start with. Brown and BBA being the worst. It has all but disappeared now

I installed a circulation pump running at 800lph,my eheim also runs at 950lph.I also overdosed the liquid carbon. The stated dose was 3ml daily and I gradually upped it to 5ml daily.

I had started to gradually reduce the dosage as the algae lessened but I noticed a couple of days ago that the younger leaves on the java fern had been affected.

The odd young crypt leaf died back and one Amazon sword leaf.

I am now dosing with the right dose of 3ml. I am thinking of using co2 but it is very expensive to set up. I would use a DIY co2 setup but not sure how effective or indeed safe it would be.