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Re: 10 great community fish - by PFK

Subject: Re: 10 great community fish - by PFK
by FishandChips on 4/1/2007 15:06:45

Some of my 'perfect' fish are...

Congo Tetras's (amazing colours)
Clown Loach (always active)
Roberts Tetra's (similar to Rosy Tetras but with much
better colouring - hard to find)
Torpedo Barbs (peaceful, and non fin nipping)

and some problem fish, with are supposed community...

Rosy Barbs (great colours, but fin nip like crazy)
Opaline Gourami (mr bully of the tank)
Spotted Headstanders (never got to eat anything)
Silver Sharks (get too big, 5' tank needed at least)
Hope this helps someone...
Rgds Alfie