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Re: 10 great community fish - suggested by PFK

Subject: Re: 10 great community fish - suggested by PFK
by nathangoudie on 28/3/2017 7:08:27


Seeing that you guys are having problems with aggression. Please keep in mind that almost 99% of cichlids are like that.

They're generally peaceful but they do need space for themselves!

The fact that your fish are attacking others means your tank is way too small and there's not enough hiding place/decoration to break their sight.
- Gruppies when attack will go far away from the nest... but the tank is too small to go far away so they get killed.
- There's not enough hiding place or decoration to mark clear territory so the fish think the whole tank is for themselves.

This is one of the main reasons people here always stressed out tank size is very very important even for a fish that seems small.