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Ladies and Gentlemen, your best guesses please

Subject: Ladies and Gentlemen, your best guesses please
by Silverfish on 21/1/2013 21:30:11

One of my two baby oranchu fry (the oranda one) seems to be having a little trouble. He seems to be a bit weak, the filter intake seems to be catching him a bit (I've put a sponge over it now) but most of the time now he's swimming quite normally, but with his nose to the surface. If he drops down, he swims furiously back up. He doesn't seem to be gulping at it, it's just his nose? the bit above his mouth anyway that's at the surface.

Tank params are:
pH - didn't check! Normally 7.6, will check now
Ammonia - nil
Nitrite - nil
Nitrate - 5? 10? I can't tell the colours apart.

Temp was 24 - I've dropped the heater back to 20 because it was at 22, but somehow the tank got to 24 without it.

Filter outflow is pointed up at the surface, to give some surface agitation.

Any guesses? I'm going to preface this by saying these are not destined to be the healthiest fry to begin with, Mum and Dad are problematic.