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Flexible (or not) hoses

Subject: Flexible (or not) hoses
by Iain_clark on 8/1/2013 20:43:58

Has anybody other than me had a problem with the newer style anti-kink hoses? mine are about 5 years old and the plastic has gone rigid and very fragile. Just lifting the hose a few inches caused it to collapse under it's own weight.

The older style thick wall hoses seem fine but the newer style which has a plastic coil strengthening the hose wall just don't seem fit for purpose. The hose couldn't be affected by UV and the whole length has failed, part under water, part underneath solid stone and part above ground hidden behind a wall.

I expected the hose to have a similar lifespan to the pond liner so had built it in under a waterfall. It took me many hours over the weekend breaking out the sides of the Waterfall to route a replacement host through!