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Re: Apple Snail help

Subject: Re: Apple Snail help
by elliejo3213 on 23/12/2012 23:09:41

Hi thanks for the reply!

I do have the option of a larger tank, but a bit reluctant as it is the reserve "hospital" tank - we had an issue with ammonia and possible septicemia 4yrs ago :( and I lost my 13yr old possible Wakin (identical to a gold fish but had a double tail -never seen one like it since) so we like to keep a back up!

Yes, i know i am massively overstocked at the moment (they are common goldfish) but we do regular water tests and changes, hoovering gravel etc.. to minimise waste build up.
One of the fish has tumours growing on him so not sure how long he'll last... but next year around spring I should be moving out of rented house, so will be able to get a bigger tank ( had my eye on a 4ft tank on gumtree) so will move 2-3of the bigger fish out and leave the other 2 will stay where they are.

Its crazy how complicated goldfish can be! Been a steep learning curve!!