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Apple Snail help

Subject: Apple Snail help
by elliejo3213 on 23/12/2012 22:26:54

Hi there. I have been looking for some info on the care of my apple snail Brian3. Ive had 2 others previously which lasted about a year each. But now after finding out about the ban I would really like to keep Brian3 alive as long as I can!
He is currently living in a 2footx1foot tank with 5 goldfish, water is changed and tested and everything is fine with that. We have quite low pH here ( and had some shell erosion problems with the previous snails) so I added some coral sand and pH is now about 7-8. Had no problem with shell for brian3.
He feeds on algae and decaying plants ( its impossible to try and grow them with such destructive fish!). Ive tried feeding cucumber but fish get to it first.

So i was wondering if i should move him to a tank of his own or keep him where he is?
The tank i have is a 12L aquaspace. If i do move him how do i go about getting the water quality right. Can i fill it with water from the main fishtank? Do snails need a airpump/filter? I have the option of a light, is this needed?
As its a smaller tank so i guess the temp will fluctuate more, is a heater required?

Thanks in advance!