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Re: API Nitrite test - warning when cycling

Subject: Re: API Nitrite test - warning when cycling
by lydslikestea on 30/10/2012 16:39:32

Hi Violet, I was surprised by the length of time too. But was convinced that it was done as four days on the trot I had a zero reading.

It was only after I'd done several water changes to lower the nitrate levels that the nitrite reading showed purple. Then I got worried and started looking into it.

So I'm now taking my time and fiddling with landscaping (I'm gradually switching my substrate now that I've settled on having cichlids - bye bye gravel, hello sand and rocks) and I've added in food pellets for ammonia source this morning as I've heard that makes a more robust colony. I expect I'll be done cycling in a week or so... then I'm going to give it another week to make sure!! Fish are for life right

Happy to make people aware. I was pretty miffed with API but then if their tests are for maintenance and not cycling given their scale then they should point this out of their instructions/packaging