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API Nitrite test - warning when cycling

Subject: API Nitrite test - warning when cycling
by lydslikestea on 29/10/2012 23:00:58

Hello all,
I have a bit of a warning for all those fishless cycling and using API nitrite test kit. As i now know now I am in the middle of a cycle, but for the last four days I thought I was fully cycled as my API test was giving me a nitrite reading of 0 after initially being purple but fading to blue - the zero reading after the recommended 5 min waiting time. This is INACCURATE. In fact an initial purple (drops turn immediately to purple at bottom of test tube) and then fades to blue means that nitrite is off the scale and that the test is confused.

Im not sure if this is common knowledge but a fair bit of digging on other forums reveals other people have been having the same issues.

Just thought you all should know and be aware... Mods might want to post it somewhere more appropriate. Wouldn't want new fish keepers falling into the trap and getting fish early because they think their tank is cycled when it's at the peak of its nitrite spike