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He's not eating/can't eat :(

Subject: He's not eating/can't eat :(
by Joanne on 18/10/2012 13:01:09

Yep me again, calling on your collective advice once more.

I've just gotten over a detritus worm infestation with lots of water changes and intense cleaning and now I'm up against another problem.

As some of you know George went into an uncycled tank which is still showing NA&NI at 0 but today after testing the water the PH has dropped off and the ammonia has piqued.

Yesterday early morning he wasn't going mad at the corner of the tank for his first feed like he usually would, he was looking rather sorry for himself at the back corner of the tank, almost hiding in his plants. He seemed to be yawning a lot compared to having a yawn in the late evening around about when I turn his light off for the day.

So I pre soaked some food and fed him. Nothing, no interest. Then I splashed the water a little to get his attention and he was swimming up to the food looking at it and half heartedly opening his mouth but not taking any. I tried him with some daphi, thinking if he looks through the gravel for food he'll hoover those up. Nope, he's not pooped. What he has passed since then is like poop casing with nothing inside.

Today again I fed him, but now he's sucking it into his mouth and instantly spitting it out, no chewing - nothing, then he swims away from the food back to the plants.

:( Is this a ph related issue? I've no idea why it's dropped so low unless the 50% changes were something to do with it because of the need to get rid of the worms. using seachem prime for the water too.

Any ideas? Kinda worried he's got a stone in his mouth or he's going to starve to death :(