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Re: tetras getting caught in filter

Subject: Re: tetras getting caught in filter
by Fishlady on 17/9/2012 12:17:57

They are sick from toxins in the water. The filter has not been cycled so the water is polluted with ammonia and nitrite from the fishes' waste. These toxins make them unwell (gasping for air) and cause them to suffer problems such as fin-rot amongst other things. The tank is too small to cope with these fish (25 litres is too small for any fish) so the pollution will be worse than it would be in an adequate tank.

To be truthful the best thing you could do for these fish would be to return them to the shop, but as they are sick that may not be an option. The alternative is to get them into a larger volume of water as fast as possible (a plastic food-safe box as Onyxia suggested is a cheap option) and follow the guide to dealing with ammonia and nitrite spikes linked to in Onyxia's previous post.

You will need to buy a good liquid based test kit to monitor the water quality and ensure you do enough water changes to dilute the toxins while the filter cycles. This may mean changing 25% every day (sometimes more) for around 4-6 weeks.