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Re: What catfish do i have? :S

Subject: Re: What catfish do i have? :S
by Fishlady on 13/9/2012 14:57:40


Sicktrickz wrote:
Ok thanks fishlady, I think it is a pygmy, So if i get 3 more should i get 1 more albino and 2 more pygmy? Might be abit hard though! In the near future ofc when the tank is settled!

They are not fond of carrot as i found out earlier, After blanching too!

It's a bit more complicated as with Cories each species needs a group of its own kind. So you'd need 4 more Albino or Bronze Cories (they are both the same species) plus 5 or more extra Pygmy Cories (if you're certain that's what he is).

Don't add them 'til the tank is nice and stable though and don't add them all at one go. Add the Albino/Bronze first, then wait a couple of weeks and if your ammonia and nitrite are staying at 0 you can add the extra Pygmies.