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Re: Substrate Question.

Subject: Re: Substrate Question.
by nad03 on 9/9/2012 8:40:42

What is that sand you have in the photos Fishlady? Looks really cool! I do a 20% waterchange every friday after feeding and then have a fast day on the saturday to help keep nitrates down.Waterchanges aren't a chore for me.I love the way the fish come alive after a bit of fresh water is added.I'm getting a Aqua One Aquanto 182 for christmas.Really nice looking 4 footer.I had a Roma 240 a while back but always thought it looked too deep.The aqua One is 18 inches deep,4 less than the Roma.I'll be sacrificing about 60l in volume but as long as i don't overstock and keep on top of my waterchanges i'm happy to do so as i think this tank will suite the low ceilings we have in our living room better.
I'll be transfering my multi's in there on their own for a bit so they can increase the colony in peace,then i will introduce a small group of young comps.(my favourite looking fish),so to keep the multi numbers down.