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Re: Substrate Question.

Subject: Re: Substrate Question.
by Fishlady on 9/9/2012 0:21:01

No not that I know of. I don't use ant buffering decor in my Tang tank though and I use RO so remineralise and bufer the water instead. The one thing I o to help in the tank is keep a bag of oyster shell in the filter. But in the main I rely on making sure I change water often enough to avoid any drop in pH between changes - keeping nitrates down in a small tank requires that anyway.

I use a fine black inert gravel in my Tang tank as I agree with you that dark substrates show up the fish better. As long as you keep up the water changes and maintain the buffers it's not a problem. It just means you've no room to manoeuvre and can't skip a change if you've got the 'flu or something like that

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