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Re: help needed please ! danio fry

Subject: Re: help needed please ! danio fry
by Fishlady on 7/9/2012 0:08:21

The same thing happened to me a couple of years ago. Are they actually swimming yet or do they still have their yolk sacs?

If they're free-swimming you can feed very finely powdered flake or a great starter food for tiny fry is hard-boiled egg yolk. Get a clean cotton clothe (like a handkerchief) and push the hard-boiled egg yolk through it into the water so it forms a fine cloud. They will do well on that for a few days, then if you can, move on to live baby brine-shrimp, or just crushed flake.

Feed them 4 times a day, small amounts and change 25% or more of the water daily to avoid any build up of pollutants from uneaten food. Good luck