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help needed please ! danio fry

Subject: help needed please ! danio fry
by craig_h on 6/9/2012 22:28:23

I have just moved my group of 5 zebra danios from a 39L tank in to a new cycled 180L tank and as I starting to empty my small tank i noticed something on the glass. After looking at the tank for a few mins i noticed around 30 small fry ! About the size of an eye lash.
I have no fry food as i never thought about what id do if they bread.
The fry are in my 39 L tank on there own so they wont be eaten but i dont know what to do about feeding them ?
All i have to feed them is flake food that i could grind in to powder ?
I will go to my local aquatic retailer in the morning and get some liquid food !
Should i feed them ground up flakes tonight ?
Im desperate for these little guys to make it !
Any advice will be great thanks !