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Re: Psy's little Marine Cube

Subject: Re: Psy's little Marine Cube
by psymongreen on 27/8/2012 17:56:37

Update time:

After spending hours hunting on the internet, I resorted to popping in to my LFS that specialises in Marines to look for a sump for my new cube.

I was so impressed - he got me to sketch out what I was thinking of, then, after some thought took me out the back and showed me a couple they had in and explained to me what he thought was the best option to make sure there were no dead spots. All this for just ?45! After my look on line, this looks to be a bargain.

If anyone around Bristol is ever looking for anything similar, I'm happy to pass on their details

New Question:
Now, next bit of research is return pumps. As the total volume will be around 70 to 80 litres with live rock, I'm going to be looking for something rated to 800 lph. My concern is that most pumps seem to give the height and the litres, but not how many litres you will actually get if you have it going to almost the maximum head.

I know the pump I use for water changes has much less flow when the pipe is extended all the way in to my tank.

Basically, I'm after recommendations for a quiet pump that should be able to get the flow I need. I was thinking of the Eheim Compact 1000 or Hydor Universal L30. I'm wondering if these will be too much flow though...

Edit: Just used an advanced volume calculator which takes into account liverock etc and my total volume after everything else will be about 65l.