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Psy's little Marine Cube

Subject: Psy's little Marine Cube
by psymongreen on 16/8/2012 13:27:14

Hi Guys,

I've got a Dennerle Nano Marinus 60 sat empty ready and waiting and thought that if I started a thread, it might motivate me to finally finish the lounge DIY and start the set up

My current thinking is to go with a TMC V2 PowerBox 100 Nano External for Mechanical filtration (plus a few of the other pads like phosphate etc), about 7kg of live rock, Reef sand, TMC V2 Auto Top Up and either one of these protein skimmers: Hydor Slim Skim Nano / Tunze Nano DOC. I'm looking at sticking with the Nano Marinus ReefLight that comes with the kit, as I'm probably only looking at soft corals and Polyps to start with anyway.

In terms of stocking, I was thinking of maybe a pair of Neon Gobies, or something like Gobiodon okinawae instead. Then maybe one of the following pairings:

* A pair of tank bred Bengaii Cardinals.
* My OH was looking at a pair of Percula clowns, but I have seen very conflicting advice on tank size for these.
* I would have liked a Purple firefish but was worried about jumping and a royal Gramma, but again, very conflicting advice on tank size (from a min of 40L up to a min of 140L!)

And of course a blue or red legged hermit or 2, a few snails, maybe a boxer crab, Cleaner shrimp and a feather duster.

All comments gratefully received, pics will follow I am sure.