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Re: fish-in cycling or fish-less cycling?

Subject: Re: fish-in cycling or fish-less cycling?
by Tknoxx on 1/8/2012 15:43:46


craig_h wrote:
Also is Filter start by interpet worth a try to speed up the process or should i forget that.

Thanks craig

Hi Craig! Welcome to the forum and I'm glad you have done the research first!!! God Job.
Bacteria in a bottle may or may not work, it's a bit of a contentious issue, but to be honest it isn't worth paying for really.
If you want to speed up the process and you have a friend with a cycled aquarium then ask them can you have a piece of their filter media (sponge). Add this to the tank and it should help :)
You live in derbyshire? Lucky you!! Apparently there are lots of good fishstores nearby and there are lots of tanks from nearby going supercheap on ebay, you could save a fortune if you ever develop multiple tank syndrome! ;)
My Dad's fiancee is from there and it sounds like a nice enough spot!