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Re: fish-in cycling or fish-less cycling?

Subject: Re: fish-in cycling or fish-less cycling?
by Fishlady on 31/7/2012 23:08:30

Hi and welcome,

We would never recommend cycling fish in. Firstly because of the welfare of the fish whose long-term health will be compromised by spending 6 weeks or so in toxic water and will be at best pretty uncomfortable, and secondly because it's actually a lot more work for the fishkeeper as daily partial water changes are essential when cycling fish in to keep toxins low enough for the fish to survive the process. This means as a consequence that fish in cycles tend to take longer as for the health of the fish we have to keep removing the ammonia and nitrite that feed the bacteria we want to grow.

Fishless cycling is less work, avoids any fish suffering and takes less time to complete - even if it doesn't feel like it when you're doing it

We have an article on the nitrogen cycle and how to cycle fishlessly which you'll find helpful. There's an ammonia dosing calculator at the bottom too. Any questions or problems with the cycle, just ask