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Re: mbuna and haps

Subject: Re: mbuna and haps
by Fishlady on 1/8/2012 11:30:12

Corals and limestone act as buffers and while in a low pH environment they will raise pH, their real function is to try and keep an equilibrium. Above a certain level they no longer dissolve so there is a limit to how high the pH will go, and the higher the starting pH the larger the amount of additional carbonate that is needed to effect even a minor further increase. As pH approaches 8, the rate at which carbonates from decor dissolve into the water slows down drastically and the amount that needs to dissolve to raise pH further increases drastically. In effect this means pH will be unlikely to rise in a tank with a starting pH of 8 that has a large regular weekly water change as is needed for Malawis, and if a rise occurred it would not be likely to go beyond 8.2. This should mean very stable conditions can be maintained.

Hope that helps