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Re: Mystery fry in my sump

Subject: Re: Mystery fry in my sump
by fishy_tom on 8/8/2012 1:11:59

We have an answer!!!

For those playing along at home the three possibilities for the mystery fry where:
1) Rasboras
3) Bala sharks

And the answer is...... 4) None of the above. Turns out these little fish are Endler's Livebearer. I have a tank of these running as an offshoot of my main tank. A wee pump fills it from the sump and it overflows into the main tank, which overflows into the sump. So these fry managed to get past the pre-filter in their tank, swim along a tube into the main tank, avoid being eaten in there and then get swept into the sump. I am completely amazed they managed it to be honest. They must have swum along the tube when i had the pre-filter off for cleaning i guess. Still, they got rescued and are now back in with their friends in the Endler colony, so all's well that ends well.