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Mystery fry in my sump

Subject: Mystery fry in my sump
by fishy_tom on 13/7/2012 18:17:46

Hi all,

Haven't been around for a while but everything is going well with my tanks. Was just giving my huge tank a clean, and pumping water out the sump and found three fry! Complete mystery as to what they are. I've attached a couple of photos of them. There are three possible candidates for the parents.
1) barbs, either green or tiger or both
2) Rasboras, either harlequin or another species that i can't recall at the moment (looks like a harlequin, but different colours).
3) Silver (or Bala) sharks.

Now to me i am thinking Silver Shark. My reasons for this are that they are very long thin fish (the big one is over 1cm), not square like a barb, or harlequin shape. My sharks are also always making mating moves (especially after dinner), entwining around each other in 2s, 3s or 4s. I'd also expect a harlequin or barb to be colouring up by now, as they are up to 1cm, and look more like their parents.
But i welcome better advice, otherwise i will just have to watch and wait for a few weeks.