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Re: Help! My pond fish keep dying.

Subject: Re: Help! My pond fish keep dying.
by ianbo on 25/9/2012 18:12:40

If you decide to start your pond again one bit of advice I can give is to find a local fish stockist that have the the equipment and know-how to check a fish for parasites. This is done by taking a small amount of mucus from the fish and looking through a microscope.There is no all in one treatment that I know of as there are about seven different types of parasites that can all be fatal to fish. The stockist I use is Cascade in Bury Lancashire they don't even charge.I catch a sick fish bag it then get it checked they then sell me the appropriate treatment which has saved my whole fish stock.There is a chance that the removal of you fish had caused them to become stressed this in turn may have effected their resistance to parasites.I am sorry it is too late this time but I do not hesitate to get a sick fish checked it may even survive but it does give the other fish a chance.